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Powerful Cloud Based SEO Website Auditing and Analytics

CrawlMonster is a comprehensive analytics tool, providing technical issues about your websites.

Seo content search

Store & Track Content

Your website content is stored in the cloud allowing you to easily search, analyze and identify any issue.

Analyze & Repair Website Problems

Quickly analyze every page on your website for errors, missing data, content and much more.

Custom Extractions

Create simple custom extractions to gather data and generate reports on any aspect of your website.

Seo Reporting Dashboard

Get started for free! See why over a thousand members use CrawlMonster to improve their websites!

    • Comprehensive Technical SEO Analysis.
    • Architecture Analysis.
    • SEO Performance Analysis.
    • Issue Tracking.
    • Website Security Analysis.
    • Real Time Site Monitoring.
    • SEO Reporting tools.

Who should be using CrawlMonster?

  • SEO / SEM Professionals
  • Digital Marketing Professionals
  • UI / UX Professionals
  • Website Designers & Developers
  • Testing & Compliance
  • Social Media Managers
  • Conversion Optimization Professionals
  • Anyone that owns or maintains a website

What People Are Saying


UX Expert / Developer

Crawl Monster found so many issues I never knew existed on my website. Wow love this tool.


Digital Marketing Geek

Thanks for the email and I love what you've done with Crawl Monster.


Senior Software Engineer

Trying to find the right tools for SEO problems with a really good UI seemed impossible until today.

What Crawl Monster can do for you.

The CrawlMonster platform was meticulously engineered to provide users with an unmatched level of data discoverability, extraction, and reporting by analyzing an entire website’s architecture from every angle end to end. Our goal is to provide our users with more actionable optimization data points than any other crawler platform period.


CrawlMonster offers an Industry leading menu of reporting options available at your fingertips, providing rich detailed metrics that can be used in identifying, prioritizing, and repairing any website issue.


Our platform will be constantly expanding to offer our users more and more functionality. We want the value and ROI in our service to be readily apparent to our users. If there is any additional functionality you would like to see simply let us know.


Fast support response. If you ever have a question regarding any aspect of our service please drop us note and we will get you the answer you need right away.


CrawlMonster has been engineered to provide our users with a level of insight and data discovery capability unparalleled in any other website analytics service anywhere.


CrawlMonster was designed to be as flexible and customizable as we could possibly make it so that our users can easily tailor their crawling needs to suit the objectives of any project.


As a full enterprise grade SEO analytics solution CrawlMonster can easily process large websites with millions of URL’s quickly and effectively. In addition all your data is stored securely using the latest in AWS cloud technology.